‘Disgusting’: Female darts competitor lifts lid on horrifying abuse – Yahoo Sport Australia

Fallon Sherrock was subjected to a shocking attack from an online troll. Pic: Getty

The first woman to beat a male rival in professional darts has opened up about the disgusting abuse she’s been subjected to by an online troll.

Fallon Sherrock made headlines when she became the first woman to beat a man at the PDC World Championships last December, beating Ted Evetts 3-2 in a come-from-behind victory in London.

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However, the 25-year-old from England has found herself at the centre of a sickening incident during competition this week.

After losing a string of games in a round-robin invitational that the players compete in from their own homes, Sherrock says she was sent a horrifying message from an online troll.

She shared an image of the vile message on on social media which read: “Your [sic] so s— you slag. I’d love to stamp on your ugly head.”

The 25-year-old, who was clearly shocked and saddened by the disturbing message responded by writing: “All I did was not win a game of darts, this is so wrong.”

Fallon Sherrock throws in her match against Glen Durrant during day two of the Unibet Premier League in Nottingham. Pic: Getty

Sherrock’s response drew an outpouring of online support, with users condemning the troll for the shocking attack.

Shocking attack condemned online

Fans and players from West Ham felt compelled to distance themselves from the initial poster, whose username made reference to the football club.

As many users pointed out, the troll’s anger stemmed from the fact he apparently lost a bet because Sherrock did not win.

Sadly for the darts player, it’s not the first time she’s been subjected to disgusting online abuse.

Sherrock was also targeted in 2017 by trolls making fun of her swollen face after the 25-year-old had an adverse reaction to medication for a kidney complaint.

She revealed in March that the condition put her in the ‘high-risk’ category for contracting coronavirus.