1988 – Issue 192: Darts Harlem Globe Trotters? 180 Wins. – Darts World Magazine

WORLD RECORD holders from a Nottinghamshire exhibition team were recognised for their incredible run of success. Issue 192 gave credit where it was truly deserved:

Mick Singleton, Mick Bywater, John Corden, Brian Tucker, Vic Baxendale, Ian Benson, Dave King and Mick Gregory played for a ‘Tennets Pilsner’ sponsored exhibition outfit and overtook the record of an Ashington based team who had completed 169 victories in a row.

An interesting sideline is the promoting of DARTS WORLD’s annual review magazine The Darts Player. This publication began in 1980 and ran until 2012.

Keep an eye out in the future as many of the DARTS WORLD team feel an annual review or other special publications may be much appreciated by darts fans.