Top 10 Hottest Darts Players Ever – Lineups

Dart players typically aren’t the most attractive athletes on the planet. While most other sports require their athletes to be in peak physical condition (at least to some extent), darts players can come in all shapes and sizes (usually bigger sizes). In a sport where all you need to move is your throwing arm, being in shape is far from a necessity. Add in the fact that darts is a bar game and those who play are traditionally big drinkers, beer guts are a common feature amongst avid dart throwers.

However, despite the majority of players being a little on the “heavy side”, there are still a few gems out there. Not all professional dart throwers are beer-drinking obese athletes. In the case of women’s darts, there are plenty of attractive throwers.

So for those who are looking, here is a list of the 10 most attractive female dart players to have ever stepped on the oche.

10. Laura Turner

Laura Turner is an English darts player who is currently playing in the British Darts Organization (BDO). The 36-year old Turner is also a commentator on Sky Sports, which is the main network that covers darts. She is currently ranked eighth in the BDO rankings.

9. Lorraine Winstanley

Lorraine Winstanley is an English dart player. In 2017, she won the World Masters’ title. The 44-year old Brit has nine title wins in her career. However, darts are not her only career. Winstanley works as a beauty therapist when she isn’t throwing darts.

8. Anastasia Dobromyslova

Anastasia Dombromyslova is a Russian dart player who is one of the most successful female dart players of all time. The 35-year old Russian started playing darts when she was just 11 years old. She started playing on the pro circuit at the age of 16. After a few years, she grew into one of the most popular and attractive dart players in the world.

In her early years, Dombromyslova was one of the most attractive female athletes on the planet. Some may argue that she deserves a high spot on this list and it is a fair argument. If this list was made 10 years ago, she would likely have been in the top three.

7. Karolina Podgorska

Karolina Podgorska is a Polish dart player. The 32-year old is currently ranked 39th in the BDO rankings. She joined the BDO tour back in 2017 but hasn’t had much success in her short professional career. However, what she lacks in wins she certainly makes up for in looks.

Podgorska has that Eastern European look that gives her an advantage over the British players. If her darts career doesn’t work out, perhaps she can find a movie role as a Bond girl, or at least an attractive henchman for one of the villains.

6. Maureen Flowers

Maureen Flowers is a Britsh, former dart player. For those who watched darts in the 70s and 80s, Flowers wasn’t only the most attractive dart player, she was one of the most successful. The now 73-year old Flowers wasn’t just a looker 40-50 years ago, she aged well too. However, it was her 70s-80s years that put her on this list.

A simple Google search of Maureen Flowers will show some black and white photos of her in the 70s. One look at you will understand her place on this list. Sort of having a Sharon Tate resemblance, Flowers certainly could have made a career in films or even as a model.

An interesting fact about Flowers, she was the first manager for the legend Phil Taylor, who is known as the greatest dart player of all-time.

5. Cathy Leung

Cath Leung is a professional dart player from Hong Kong. The 34-year old is one of the best female dart players in the world, frequently playing against men. However, Leung isn’t just a darts player. Leung is a very popular figure in Hong Kong as she is also a singer and a model.

After Leung graduated high school, she was discovered as a singer. However, after two years, Leung elected to focus more on her education than her singing career, something you don’t see too many people do. Aside from just her good lucks, add in the fact that she is a highly talented darts player, singer and also very educated, Leung’s mix of talent and brains makes her just that much more attractive.

4. Felicia Blay (Sherrock)

Felicia Sherrok is an English darts player. The 25-year old Felicia is the twin sister of the better known Fallon Sherrock. While she isn’t as successful at darts as her sister, Felicia Bay is just as attractive. You will be hard-pressed to find much information about her on the internet but what you will find are a few pictures validating her spot on this list.

Felicia and her sister Fallon were very successful darts partners in their younger years.

3. Fallon Sherrock

Fallon Sherrock is an English darts player. The 25-year old is technically the twin of Felicia but has a slight edge when it comes to attractiveness. Also, she made history last year as she became the first women’s dart player to eliminate a male dart player in the PDC World Championships. Fallon is currently the third-ranked female player in the world.

Sherrock had some major medical issues that required surgery for kidney issues. As a result, Sherrock had to take medication and steroids which caused her face to swell up. Unfortunately, this led to some undeserved ridicule online. However, Sherrock was still one of the most attractive darts players in the world even while this was going on. Now, not only is she one of the most attractive dart players in the world, she is one of the most popular. At just 25-years old, Sherrock will be a big name in the women’s game for years to come.

2. Dana Verhaegen-Huybrechts

Dana Verhaegen-Huybrechts is a Belgian darts player. However, she is not known for her darts career as she has been ranked outside of the top 2000 her entire career. Since she technically was a professional darts player, despite not playing in many tournaments, she does qualify for this list. Dana is married to professional darts player Kim Huybrechts.

Dana is more known for her marriage to Huybrechts and is widely considered that she is the most attractive dart wife in the PDC. As good as Kim Huybrecths is at darts, landing Dana will always be his biggest accomplishment. He is proof that men can indeed marry way above their league. One Google search for Dana Verhaegen-Huybrechts and you will not only wonder how Kim managed to land her but also why isn’t she in movies?

1. Mieke de Boer

Mieke de Boer is a former Dutch darts player. The now 40-year old de Boer is undoubtedly the most attractive darts player in history. Nicknamed “Bambie”, de Boer wins any argument for most attractive female darts player of all-time simply for one reason. She was in Playboy.

Sure, it was the Dutch Playboy magazine but Playboy is still Playboy no matter which country’s version it is. Not only was she in Playboy, but she was also on the cover! So not only is she the most attractive darts player of all-time, she has proof.

Of course, de Boer isn’t just an attractive woman who barely even “played” darts (like Dana Verhaegen-Huybrechts), she was actually good too! de Boer won the Worlds Dart Trophy and The British Open in her short-lived career. Now she works as an analyst for a Dutch television station.