Eason Throws 60-Yarders Like Darts Before Colts Game – Sports Illustrated

Jacob Eason, barring something disastrous happening to his quarterback teammates, won’t play this season for the Indianapolis Colts. 

That doesn’t mean he’s gone underground.

He’s not exactly in hiding.

Eason actually is easy to find.

Every once in a while he pulls out the arsenal gives the public something to see. 

The former University of Washington quarterback recently wowed onlookers before a Colts game by standing in one end zone and flinging 60-yarders practically across the entire state of Indiana with hardly any effort at all.

The man does have an NFL arm.

Eason’s roster standing was further enhanced this week when the Colts cut quarterback Chad Kelly, nephew of Buffalo Bills hall of famer Jim Kelly, from their practice squad. 

The Colts have been pleased with the work ethic of Eason, who has stayed late for extra workouts and film study with position coach Marcus Brady. Previously, he was considered a plus in his limited fall camp workouts. 

Fans already are clamoring for Indianapolis to part ways with Jacoby Brissett and make Eason the backup to starter Philip Rivers. He’s been a healthy scratch for the first three Colts games, but his career seems to be moving along nicely. 

Eason’s progress is duly noted in this report from Colts Wire that you can read here

Again, there’s a place in that league for that arm

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