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In Watch Dogs: Legion you can sit down with a pint and play a game of darts with a mate, just like you would in the real world if social interactions weren’t currently questionable! There are pubs all over London, and you can play a round of darts for some ETO in the majority of them. Play while drunk and you can net some extra coin, though your aim will suffer. The joys of inebriation.

Be the first to clear 301 points from the board to win at darts in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Darts in Watch Dogs: Legion uses the 301 ruleset: you need to “score” (or, in this case, subtract) an exact 301 points to win the game, and your winning toss must be either a double or bullseye. Score one or below zero and you’ll bust, resetting your score for that round and forfeiting the remainder of your throws till the next one. It may sound complex, but it’s pretty simple.

If that still sounds a bit confusing you can play solo, and the game will actively assist you by highlighting the area of the dart board you should toss your dart. The hard part is actually throwing the damned thing: your reticle is an expanding and retracting white circle, and your dart will land anywhere within. So, you want the circle to be at its smallest to maximize your accuracy. Thing is, the reticle likes to drift, so you need to reel it in with either the mouse or the right-stick. If you’re drunk the reticle is even harder to control, but you’ll earn more ETO for winning.

If you opt to play against someone else then Watch Dogs: Legion will indicate the other player’s skill level, so you can better weigh your odds. Also, the dart board will no longer highlight the most optimal area you should be targeting, so you’ll need to keep track of the math yourself. Remember, every point scored is subtracted from the starting total of 301, and you need to score a double or bullseye to win. Obviously, aiming for double 20s is the best way to go, but be ready to adjust for botched throws.

– This article was updated on:October 28th, 2020

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