Hearts & Darts: Aroma’s, Ace Hardware and inconsiderate people make the list – Ripon Commonwealth Press

Every week, the Ripon Commonwealth Press runs Hearts & Darts and/or Quote of the Week on one of its opinion pages.

Here is what made Hearts & Darts for the Jan. 28, 2021 issue.

— Hearts to Erica and Marco Sesma for having the vision and courage a year ago to open Aromas Bar & Grill at 1300 W. Fond du Lac St. The Mexican-American restaurant is thriving despite the pandemic due to its expansive menu, warm atmosphere and reasonable food and drink prices.

— Hearts to Ripon Ace Hardware for providing customers with a new product line available 24/7 that doesn’t require you to enter the store: printer-ink cartridges. A vending machine just left of the store’s entrance provides black and color cartridges for Canon, HP, Brother, Epson and other printer brands. So now you can use vending machines to buy bait at Green Lake Sport & Liquor, DVDs at Walgreens, candy bars all over and printer-ink at Ace.

— Darts to folks who walked on the Village Green ice rink before it was frozen. Regardless, the rink opened last week Saturday thanks, as always, to Howard and Casey Hansen. 

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