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The Wonder Weapon (RAI K-84) is clearly one of the most powerful endgame guns in Firebase Z map. There are multiple ways to obtain the Wonder Weapon; however, not every method guarantees this item. The most sure-fire way of acquiring a RAI K-84 is by finding all the parts that are required to build the weapon. But unfortunately, this process requires much interaction with the Weapons Lab and working on some dartboard puzzle. To make things, we show you where you can find the Weapons Lab in Firebase and solve the dartboard puzzle.

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Where is the Weapons Lab in Firebase Z?

You need to go through the teleporter and interact with the three reactors located around the map to turn on the power. This will also activate the Pack-a-Punch for you. Once the power is turned on, you will notice that a number of new doors have opened up in the game. One of these doors will lead you to the Weapon Lab.

Once you are in the lab, you need to grab the blueprint which is attached to a wall. With that picked up, you need to exit the lab and make your way towards the eastern side of the map and extract an eyeball from a dead body. After extracting the eyeball, go back to the Weapon Lab and interact with the scanner which is placed right next to the small computer. Here’s you simply need to scan the eye and obtain the locker key.

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Leave the Weapons Lab and head over to the Barracks to use the locker key. You can use the locker key to open up all the lockers in the facility. This will get you the first Wonder Weapon barrel assembly part.

Solving the Dartboard puzzle

Go back to the Weapons Lab and interact with the computer. Here, you will see a circle on the screen which has some blinking segments. You simply need to take notes every time the blinking stops. Next, you need to go to the village area and use the code that you obtained from the computer. The code needs to be entered by shooting sections on the dartboard and the bullseye. Collect the new part which falls out of the wall to form the gun’s barrel.

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For the next step, you need to shoot a charging Mangler which will give you your next piece for the weapon which is a Power Cell. Take it to the Weapons Lab and charge it for a full round. Once done, take the Power Cell to the workbench and craft your new RAI K-84 Wonder Weapon. It also can be upgraded at the Pack-a-Punch machine.

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