Hearts to RHS Alum Jim Floros; Darts to those with ‘Stop the Steal’ signs – Ripon Commonwealth Press

Every week, the Ripon Commonwealth Press runs Hearts & Darts and/or Quote of the Week on one of its opinion pages.

Here is what made Hearts & Darts for the Feb. 18, 2021 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

Jim Floros

Hearts to Ripon High School alumnus Jim Floros, ’79, who recently was profiled in the University of San Diego magazine for his response to COVID as president and CEO of the largest food bank in San Diego County. Floros told a reporter: “It’s in our DNA to adapt, to overcome, to pivot and create strategies. We hit this thing hard in mid-March, and within 72 hours, we had already created phase one of our response. We had to; our nonprofit partners were saying that the needs of our distribution sites were doubling and tripling.”

Darts to Ripon residents who continue to sport “Stop the Steal” signs on their front yards. While it is their right to communicate as they choose, their lawn-side lessons continue to tell impressionable citizens (i.e. children) that America’s election system is fraudulent and so its democracy is a sham. Please, stop the stop-the-steal nonsense. By the way, the election was three months ago; Donald Trump lost.

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