Animals found with blowgun darts in them at El Reno park – KFOR Oklahoma City

EL RENO, Okla. (KFOR) – Several residents are outraged over apparent animal abuse happening at Legion Park in El Reno. 

“I can’t say anything more than it’s heartbreaking. I have never seen this kind of thing go on,” said a concerned resident named Pam. She did not want to share her last name. 

Pam explained that she, along with several others, have noticed the aftermath of what they believe is people harming some of the park’s geese and ducks. 

“We’ve seen several metal darts in them,” said Pam. 

The pictures below show what appears to be a blowgun dart, sticking out of the side of a duck’s head and a goose with a blowgun dart stuck in its body. 

“They have a metal rod and they have barbs so once that is in the animal, it can’t be pulled out,” said Pam. “So, they’re just left to suffer and die.” 

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation said they sent a game warden to the park to check out the situation. 

“It’s hard to prosecute someone when you don’t have hard evidence linking them to a crime,” said Kelly Adams, the Department’s Communication and Education Supervisor. “Our game warden has been out there to investigate these reports.” 

Adams explained that shooting a goose or waterfowl is a federal crime. 

However, because the ducks are considered domestic, they are out of the department’s jurisdiction. 

“If someone is hurting the domestic ducks out there, there is very little that we can do. We can assist the city or the sheriffs department in the investigation but ultimately it comes down to the city’s jurisdiction,” said Adams. 

The group of concerned residents says they’re working on coming up with a plan to see what they can do to help the animals. 

“We’re looking for suggestions and volunteers that may be interested in starting work together to get this done,” said Pam.