Disqualified: Player throws dart into marker’s leg at Antwerp Open –

A dart player at the WDF Antwerp Open this past weekend was disqualified last weekend for a very special reason, according to former PDC Tour Card holder, Darren Johnson on Facebook.

Johnson was supposed to mark a match, but suddenly he didn’t have to anymore. He asked why, and then it appeared that one of the following opponents was disqualified.

When Johnson then asked for the reason of the disqualification, it appeared that this player had thrown three darts into the leg of a marker. That at least ensured that Johnson could skip his post defeat duties.


Brian Raman was there at the Antwerp Open and said that all wasn’t as it seemed and that the marker didn’t make a complaint about the incident. “It was only one dart. He won the game taking out 58 in 2 he wanted to throw the dart on the floor because he was happy to win but it came in the markers leg,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I was there seen it the marker didn’t put a complain in but still got kicked out of the tournament.”