Oreshkin suspended by EADC after failing to pay part of prize money from 2018 World Cup of Darts –

Aleksandr Oreshkin is well known due to his appearances at the World Championship and World Cup of Darts representing Russia but he has now been suspended from playing EADC tournaments.

In a story broke by DartsActueel, it was revealed that this was due to money owed by the so called ‘Russian Whitlock’ to the EADC.

It is a rule that when a player qualifies through their route for either the World Championship or World Cup of Darts, 10% of prize money has to be relinquished to the EADC.

Igor Dzasokhov, who runs the EADC assisted Oreshkin when he qualified for the World Cup of Darts and World Championship between 2016-2017 with hotel and flights.

He qualified again in 2018 for the World Cup of Darts but did not get any help with this and after losing first round to Spain, he didn’t hand the fixed amount over.

This was due to Oreshkin believing that the money wasn’t used for emergencies and the youth side of the EADC and that it is more for the flights and hotel which he wasn’t assisted with.

He was called a few weeks later saying he still needed to pay part of the prize money but said he had no money. Dzasokhov did not get any further response.

It came to a head though when he tried to return to action for the first time since 2018 not knowing about the suspension.

He drove 8 hours from St. Petersburg to Moscow to find out he was suspended due to this money owed and cannot play until it is handed over.

Until then, he cannot play either EADC ProTour or the World Championship qualifier.

Reaction from Oreshkin

Russian darts journalist, Vitaly Verkhovsky spoke to Oreshkin while he was in Moscow for the ProTour to gain his reaction which was published in the piece.

”When I qualified myself for the first time for the World Championships I was so happy. I had given all my prize money to Igor Dzasokhov if he asked for it, it was worth it to play on the big PDC-stage.

“The main factor was my lack of English and my lack of understanding how to buy plane tickets abroad. Dzasokhov helped me with all of this, which was amazing. I saw him as a manager. Without him I would have lost an incredible amount of money, I am very thankful for his help.”

”After the six EADC Pro Tours I qualified for the World Cup of Darts in 2018. I understood that Dzasokhov, just as he did with my other darts travels, would help me with booking the trip.

“Ten days before I would have left, no contact was made. I was worrying about it and decided to call Dzasokhov but he said he was very busy. Igor Druzhinin (co-founder of the EADC) told me a booking was already made, and there was no place for me anymore.

“This made me angry, because I had to pay everything myself out of a sudden. I called Dzasokhov once again and told him about the financial problems I got myself into after booking the expensive trip.”

“The total costs were very high. After I calculated my finances I realized I had only 300 pound left. Dzasokhov called me a couple of days later and asked me when I was going to bring the money. I said that I don’t have money. After that he called me like 10 times, which I did not answer. I do not deny that part of the story.”

“I thought I paid the EADC because Dzasokhov worked for me as a manager. At the PDC World Cup of Darts in 2018 he didn’t help me and that’s why I didn’t pay. The story of the part of the prize money that ends up in extra funding was therefore completely new for me. There were no official documents stating the rights and obligations of both parties. “

“If this conflict had not happened with the trip to Frankfurt, I would have liked to continue my cooperation with Dzasokhov.

“If it is possible to solve these problems, I am willing to continue to pay for Dzasokhov’s work. Maybe we will solve this situation somehow.”