Mike Tyson showed his sheer brilliance when playing darts blindfolded – GIVEMESPORT

Mike Tyson has proved he can throw darts just as well as he can throw punches after nailing two bullseyes while blindfolded in an appearance on an American TV show ‘The Crowd Goes Wild’ in 2013.

The former WBC, WBA and IBF world heavyweight champion featured in a segment called ‘Celebrities Throwing Sharp Objects Blindfolded,’ when he completed the miraculous feat.

Rumours are currently circulating that the former heavyweight star could be set to make another comeback fight next year against YouTuber Logan Paul after he stepped back into the ring to fight Roy Jones Jr last year following a 15-year hiatus from boxing.

But instead of stepping into the ring, Tyson was videoed stepping up to the oche and proceeded to psyche himself up saying: “Shaolin Monk stuff,” before he threw the first of three darts.

As many of us would struggle to keep a dart on target while blindfolded, the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ showed off his athletic prowess, hitting five points on the dartboard with his first throw.

Tyson then threw again and this time went one better, hitting the green bullseye, forcing the studio audience to break out into rapturous applause.

But ‘Iron Mike’ wasn’t done there and threw an identical second shot with quite some power that once again flew straight into the board’s green bullseye.

Upon removing his blindfold, Tyson realised the feat he had accomplished, turning to the studio audience to say: “I don’t want to say anything, I’m not gonna brag, but thank you.”

He then bowed before saying: “I’m a Shaolin Monk, didn’t I come in here and tell you all I’m a Shaolin Monk.”

His efforts were then applauded in the comment section, with fans stunned by what they had seen… take a look at just some of the reactions below.

Katie Nolan, the show’s host, was aghast at Tyson’s achievement, saying: “That was amazing,” while she calculated Tyson’s overall score to be an impressive 55 points.

That placed the former heavyweight champion right at the top of the ‘Celebrities Throwing Sharp Objects Blindfolded’ leaderboard, beating NFL player Terrell Owens by 19 points.

Tyson boasts one of the most successful careers in boxing, having knocked out 44 opponents during his 58-bout fighting career.


And while that is an incredible achievement, I’m sure the two blindfolded bullseyes will also rank highly as one of Tyson’s most celebrated accomplishments.

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