Women’s World Matchplay Darts: Fallon Sherrock believes gap is closing at top of game – Sky Sports

Fallon Sherrock and Lisa Ashton will headline July’s historic Betfred Women’s World Matchplay, the first PDC women’s tournament to be fully televised, live on Sky Sports; Sherrock believes the talent within women’s darts is building ahead of the eight-player tournament on July 24

Last Updated: 07/07/22 4:19pm

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Fallon Sherrock believes the gap is closing in women’s darts and is looking forward to all the players showing what they can do at the Women’s World Matchplay
Fallon Sherrock believes the gap is closing in women’s darts and is looking forward to all the players showing what they can do at the Women’s World Matchplay

Fallon Sherrock believes the gap is closing at the top of women’s darts as she prepares to take part in the Betfred Women’s World Matchplay Darts, live on Sky Sports.

The Women’s World Matchplay is the first PDC women’s tournament to be fully televised and will be held over the course of an afternoon session on July 24.

The eight-player contest at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool will feature experienced players like Sherrock and Lisa Ashton alongside two teenagers.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Sherrock said she is positive about the event and the competition that’s developing within the women’s game.

“It’s always been an ambition for anyone to play on the Winter Gardens stage. Now, we’ve got the opportunity to play on it and we’re all excited. All eight women are excited for it.

“With having the Women’s Series and having all of these women competing in these competitions, you can see the level closing in now.”

2022 Betfred Women’s World Matchplay – Draw Bracket

(1) Lisa Ashton v (8) Chloe O’Brien
(4) Aileen de Graaf v (5) Laura Turner
(2) Fallon Sherrock v (7) Katie Sheldon
(3) Lorraine Winstanley v (6) Rhian Griffiths

Sherrock and Ashton, the former PDC Tour Card holder who has dominated the Women’s Series circuit in 2022, are now both experienced on a televised stage.

Both are taking on 18-year-olds in their opening matches in Blackpool; Ashton has drawn Scotland’s Chloe O’Brien and Sherrock will be facing emerging Irish player Katie Sheldon.

“With them being younger, they have no fear. There’s nothing to lose and they’re just going to go out there and play as they can,” Sherrock said.

“We’ve got so much pressure behind us, but we’ve got to learn to ignore that as well, just play how we can and show what us women can do.

Lisa Ashton and Fallon Sherrock are the top seeds at the Women’s World Matchplay Darts (Image credit: PDC)

“These players have experience as well,” Sherrock added. “We’ve been playing with them for many years now and they’re creeping up on us.”

With others in the game raising their level, Sherrock has been critical of her own performances, including recent outings in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and New York.

“My performances are slowly getting better and they’re slowly to getting where I want to be,” she said.

“As my own personal thing, I’ve just got to take away all of the publicity and stuff and just focus on my game.

“My form is getting where I want it to now and give me another couple of weeks and I’ll hopefully be able to show again what I can do.”

In Copenhagen, Sherrock led Michael Smith 3-0 but missed taking out 90 to go four games up, eventually losing 10-6. However, it was a match Sherrock has taken plenty from.

“With that game, that’s what I needed to perform,” she said. “That’s how I have to play to beat these players.

“It’s just getting into practising a few more hours a day and getting back to these 90 to 100 averages and hitting them consistently, especially against the men. You can’t go and a hit a 70 average [against them].”

Sherrock’s first focus is the Women’s World Matchplay Darts, but she also has her sights on the Alexandra Palace stage, where she made her name, later in the year.

“That’s what I want to do, I want to get back there this year. It’s so special, there are so many memories and I always play really well there.

“I know that I didn’t do well last time but this time, third time lucky, who knows what’s going to happen… if I can get there.”

Watch the Women’s World Matchplay live on Sky Sports. The eight-player tournament will be held in one afternoon session on July 24 at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool.