NFL DFS Divisional Round Saturday Dart Board: Top Value Picks for DraftKings & FanDuel – FantasyAlarm

As we enter the NFL Divisional Round of the 2022 NFL playoffs, the player pool for DFS gets a little bit smaller, especially if you forgo the four-game slate and just play the individual weekend days’ two-game slates. The high-end elite players seem abundant enough, but if you’re looking to differentiate yourself from the rest of the herd, we’re going to have to dig deep for a few names who could actually give us decent production. Remember, last week, we discussed building a cash game lineup and playing it in your GPP contests. That worked out very well for us on DraftKings and it probably would have worked even better on FanDuel had they not cancelled all of their Saturday contests. We’re going to stick with a very similar strategy this week for the four-game slate, but if you’re playing just the two-game Saturday-only, we’re going to have to take some chances.

Be sure to read through the NFL DFS Divisional Round Playbook nice and thoroughly and start pulling out some of the names you want to build your lineups around. If you’re paying up for Patrick Mahomes and Christian McCaffrey, you’re going to need to find some worthy DFS bargain plays. Again, not just some random dart-throw. You have to make sure this player is on the field for a decent snap share and then based off their snaps, they need reasonable targets and touches. If you’re paying down, though, stick to the plan and try to put together a strong high-floor, zero-fat lineup. Using Trevor Lawrence and Evan Engram will allow you more players from the Playbook itself and you won’t need to take as many chance, so it’s about as close to a cash lineup as you’ll get this weekend.

ONE FINAL NOTE: The Saturday and Sunday Dart Boards have pricing set up specific to the individual slates. The price for a player on the Saturday or Sunday-only slate is going to be different from what their salary is on the six-game slate. Apologies is that’s on the confusing side, but I’m sure you’ll be able to manage without much issue. But just in case – please give yourself enough time to examine everything before finalizing your lineup. 

With that said, let’s get to the Saturday Only Dart Board players.

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